Job satisfaction at a high in finance sector, research shows

Job satisfaction is at a high among UK workers in the finance sector, according to the Qualtrics Pulse 2017.

The Qualtrics Pulse measures employee engagement and job satisfaction according to gender, age, location, income and sector on a quarterly basis. The survey also looks at what contributes towards job satisfaction, with engaging with business leaders, better recognition and career progression all being found to have a positive impact.


The research, which surveyed 2,300 workers in the UK, found that 74 per cent of workers in the finance sector are satisfied with their job, compared to 73 per cent of workers in the travel and leisure industry, 68 per cent in retail, 67 per cent in manufacturing and 66 per cent of those working in the public sector.

Two-thirds of UK workers were found to be satisfied with their current job and 13 per cent are extremely satisfied. Job satisfaction was at its highest among younger workers aged 25 to 34, with 69 per cent of respondents in this age group being satisfied with their current job role.

The research identified the locations where job satisfaction is at a high, with workers in the North East being the most satisfied at 18 per cent, followed by Scotland and Wales at 11 per cent and London and the Midlands at 10 per cent.


Qualtrics Employee Experience Specialist Sarah Marrs commented: “In recent years we’ve seen organisations place more emphasis on their employee experience as a critical lever to help shape their customer, brand and product experiences.”

She added that the techniques that are available to measure the employee experience have evolved, and the Qualtrics Pulse provides a layer of data that a lot of businesses simply don’t have access to — uncovering the factors that influence the behaviour, performance and loyalty of employees.

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