TotalJobs launches campaign to help candidates through interview process

TotalJobs has launched a campaign to provide candidates with mentoring to help them get through the interview process.

The campaign comes as research from the jobsite found that 19 per cent of employers make up their mind about interviewees just one minute after they have met them.


The research, which surveyed 6,000 jobseekers and 150 employers, found that 44 per cent of employers make a decision on a candidate within the first 15 minutes of them being interviewed, whilst 32 per cent make their decision after the interview has been completed.

The study also identified the most important factors that employers look for in an interview, with how well the candidate answered the interview questions being found to be the most important, cited by 30 per cent of employers. This was followed by experience and qualifications at 20 per cent.

Jobseekers revealed what affects their performance the most in interviews, with 65 per cent saying that feeling nervous prevents them from showing off their true ability. Over 25 per cent said that having an interview in a setting that is less formal would help them to feel more at ease.


Totaljobs has now launched #TheElevatorPitch to help candidates through the interview process, with mentoring being provided by psychologist Dr Linda Papadopoulos and Nick Hewer of The Apprentice.

Totaljobs Group Sales Director John Salt commented: “It falls on the interviewer to do all they can to put the candidate at ease, whether this is through a smile or a little quip. We’ve also launched #TheElevatorPitch to help jobseekers nail their interviews by making sure they show off the best-possible version of themselves — which can only be a good thing for employers and jobseekers alike.”

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