Here’s One Thing You Shouldn’t Forget To Do After Hurricane Harvey

If you’ve taken a loss remember 👆🏾


Donating goods, clothes, and monetarily is necessary after Hurricane Harvey. However, we must not forget that individuals who have lost most of their possessions and the ones who’ve lost everything may be broken mentally and spiritually. So, it is just as important to “donate words” (Eh, that was corny)….that will help rebuild their spirits, and keep their spirits as high as possible.

This is a testing time.

I honestly don’t know the exact words to say but I’ll try:

Lost is the past tense for lose. What is lost is in the past — it can’t be undone. Don’t worry your mind about what has happened, but what you WILL make happen.

Resilience lives in all of us. Take your time, shake it off, and bounce back.

Starting over is just that…starting over. How many times has one had to start over at some point in their life? Of course, it may be scary but just like almost everything in the human life that was new at some point, we adapted to it, it worked out, or maybe it didn’t but it wasn’t as scary or as bad as we thought it’d be. In fact, it may have turned out even better or for the better.

What do I mean by “it?”…..CHANGE.

Nothing is meant to stay the same in our lives forever. How is forever measured anyway? Exactly. Change is going to come one way or another. It always have and always will. Big or small. Good or bad. It is ones acceptance and perspective towards change that will determine how you will allow your life to be shaped by it. What will you allow your change to look like? It’s on you.

Vulnerability is high right now.

Pray, meditate, or whatever you do to protect your spirit, emotions, and mental. Try not to let any negativity cloud your vision and mind. Whatever is meant to happen will happen — you can’t fight against reality. Be willing so have it so (life). Remember just like any hardship one has faced in the past…this too shall pass.

How do or have you speak life into people at a time like this?