Iraq is a Metaphor (Part II)


Never too late for regrets

Today, Tonight, Tomorrow

Tonight you will cry,

as you did on the day —

After you left your daughter

for the war.



As you wore an old warrior Teeshirt

East Harlem, 2016

Today: You have become your only

known friend, in a time like

chelora known as the summer.


Teas and Seedlings (Part I)

Migraines flow in like the season,

you think of the desert — and again,

peace seems far away.

And yet, yet, yet…


Teas and Seedlings (Part II)

Lavender is your friend

as the warmth takes over

sheltering you from today’s,


Yesteryears fall out.


Pride has a Price


as you begged for leftovers

as you forgot yet again to

balance the little balances

like a checkbook,

and all the grant expenses

that you still hold onto

hoping for your break as a

writer will last you another season


A woman passes by with a prayer tattoo

on the back of her neck, and you love

her as she sashays down the block

carrying your dreams alongside her fam

with the flare of the Puerto Rican Parade

in tow.