Iraq is a Metaphor (Part III)


I never lie: meaning I lie all the time.

Except when it matters.

When it counts the most.

Then I just say silent.

But when you condemn me and others

to such lies, believe me when I say

you protect no one.


Insanity Prayers

I point the finger at the mirror

Allowing the other four to stare.

Back at me.

I am not running this race twice.

You are insane if you think I will do

it again.




It’s hard to care when everybody

seems to read your mind.

But, none recall who you are when

you feel as if it is all lost.


As much as I want to hide

from the madness,

I know I can’t.


Dial down your sadness,


Don’t you remember what it is

to truly love?



The night breathes quietly into your lungs.

“You are soooo beautiful.”

You miss your lover’s baritone.

The way he slept.

His breath slow and cautious —

falling from his lips

the odd rise of his chest

his pecks ascension

even and still.

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