The Truth Behind the Silence

I realize now more than ever one thing. I have white friends. I have white friends who are scared into silence. There’s a reason behind all of this that is most frightening when I discovered this. I don’t know how else to say it. White people in America, live in golden cages. These golden cages are built upon two things: reward and fear. The two highest forms of response in the human psyche. I am stepping around the actuals of what I wish to say because the reality of it hit so hard. So I will tell a few stories instead and hope you get the reason, the why behind the silence from them.

One night I was dining with a few friends. One of them a little drunk hugged me. He had been going back and forth with his brother and father again. Argument after argument. Both are Trump supporters. He being the opposite within the clan is constantly having to defend himself. Against his own family. All he could say when he saw me was “That’s not me.” Just a few days ago, after the pipe bomb went off he checked to see if all of his New Yorker friends were okay.

Another friend of mine has a cousin whose a cop. They go back and forth. He’s “unfriended” because he offended his cousin with his liberal views. He is gay. He is white. He is from a small town. He decided to leave and do whatever he had to not just live in New York. But the stay the hell out of his place of birth. When he visits he remembers why he left.

I know so many people like this that it isn’t funny. Guilt makes them silent. The guilt and the burden of knowing that you are getting by, or ahead just enough that you can’t reveal just how scared of your brother, your father, your cousin you’ve become. Because who would believe you? Who would believe that in some small agreeable way, your brother, your father, your cousin has been given permit to lose their minds based on reward and fear?

The grand stature in America lies to people. It lies to those who have gone mad (killer cops), and those who condone the madness and lastly those who fear it most. This is a system that has been used before time and time again in the world. Here its just more based on color. But it’s the same. It’s the same everywhere it goes. But make no mistake it is a destructive force, a force yearning to divide us all from the truth that all men are brothers. That all lives matter. That Black men and women are just as human as anyone else. That the things that divide us are illusions we’ve made up and condoned.

Every single day we condone the illusion of separation with our silence.

I don’t have any answers for my white friends other than this. It’s the same one I give to my black friends.

Silence doesn’t save us.

It never will.

We all have to stick together, because ladies and gentleman the madness is here.

The only thing that might save us is shouting before it hits.


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