Warcrimes I: (This.Is.War)

I can lose my mind for your entertainment;

If that would only stop this bloodshed.

You say that it is not related.

I call bullshit.

What makes it all inhumane is

the blankness in your eyes — as the bullets

fly from the your unmuzzled guns.

Some shout: Go to Iraq! Go fight a War!

Well, I tell you ladies and gents THIS.IS.ONE.

For every black body dead, these are

For every white mouth silent, these are

The words you fear to say and hear: THIS! IS! WAR!

For all the videoed martyrs we have done

their deaths no truth, no justice. No good.



believing that this is anything less than that.

Those sleepless nights. The turn of your stomachs

The deep numbing nothingness

in the pit of your center.

That my friends is how you are SUPPOSED

TO FEEL. One act of American terror in 2003

GAVE BIRTH to another and another and

another! It ALL works itself and the rest of us


We are building our lives upon foundations of fear.

And that emptiness you feel, well that is just normal for those of

us who are awake enough — aware ENOUGH!

Sidewinded and landslid ENOUGH

to know that is how you are

supposed to feel when you are on the losing

side of a WAR.