Has Loyalty Become a Mere Tattoo?

A depiction of what one claims they posses or is it just to say “I’m tatted.”? As I was taught, if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything. Allow me to ask this, what makes you become so disinterested in the one person that you wanted to always be with? From the moment you met the person, got to know them, until the time you encounter something that baffles you completely.

There will always be someone that you may find attractive but they may very well not be the person for you. When will my generation come to the knowledge that looks will not last always? There has to be more to it than them just having a “fat ass” or “pretty skin”. It’s unfortunate that many (not only my generation) have fallen victim of relationship solely because of their spouses outer appearance. Once in, they then grow only to realize they want more. I feel sorry for my generation and their temporary desires for themselves. “A moment of pleasure can cause a lifetime of pain.”

STOP getting into something when you know you don’t really have a desire to do ANYTHING for the other person. Relationships are not just for someone to say that they are in a relationship. Why get in only to want out eventually? I’m certain someone may ask “ How would you have known that you wanted out?” It’s actually simple. When you know your intent from the beginning and it’s not to be there for the other person with your whole-heart, that my associates, is your indication that you are not REALLY in for the true purpose and essentially marriage. I was asked recently about marriage which I’ll cover in another blog. As of now, I seek for the understanding of why love is so blind.

Having been around the block a few times, not necessarily in numerous relationships, I have become well aware that you can so easily fall for what people are telling you but much more what they are showing you. We all were once enslaved to the person we saw initially and not the person that truly are. Hence, the “love” being blind- and further fraudulent. I understand that people grow whether they’re with you or not, but it also raises the query for anyone “Have I been forgotten?”, “Do you care for me as you once did?” Those are just a couple, yet they arise after being with them for so long and yielding to their every word; makes you wonder if you were who they wanted all along.

Lastly, those who have been reading my blogs know I always end with a question. NOTE: These are not rhetorical. Have liberty to respond. Albeit you may have to create an account. It’s DOPE! Lol

Seriously I ask, what’s required to exculpate the blind fold persona of a person you wish to spend your remainder of your life with? Will it take years for you to even get to know the gist of a person? What if marriage doesn’t happen and you’re stuck with POTENTIAL? Do you have the mental capability for this harsh reality? Your thoughts…

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