10 Memorable Military Tweets to Celebrate Twitter’s Birthday

It’s Twitter’s 10th birthday! To celebrate, I decided to dig up some of our most game-changing tweets over the years. From the first war announcement on Twitter to the time we accidentally raised oil prices, here are the biggest and most influential tweets in chronological order.

The First Tweet

This is the first-ever tweet on our page. It was posted on January 3, 2009, right in the middle of Operation Cast Lead in the Gaza Strip. It may have only had 2 retweets at the time, but, hey, it was our first tweet!

First War Announcement on Twitter

IDF was the first army to declare a military operation on Twitter. Operation Pillar of Defense in the Gaza Strip was announced in 2012.

Strong Message for Hamas

Operation Pillar of Defense started after incessant rocket fire from the Gaza Strip. We wanted to make it very clear that we wouldn’t continue to accept that reality. We think the message was heard loud and clear.

Speaks for itself.

Raising Global Oil Prices

Crazy story here. In October 2013, we marked 40 years to the Yom Kippur War. During the war, the Israeli Air Force had to strike Syrian airports. Although its pretty clear from the tweet that it refers to something that happened many years ago, some oil traders thought differently. They saw the tweet and were convinced that a full-blown Middle East War was about to take place. Long story short, the oil price per barrel went up by a dollar. Just a little story to show you the power of social media.

You can read the full story on Reuters.

That Time Someone Hacked our Account

Awkward but true. As we say on the tweet, we’ll make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Second War Declaration on Twitter

Operation Protective Edge was an IDF campaign in 2014 in response to constant rocket fire from Hamas in Gaza targeting Israeli citizens. Second war declaration on Twitter.

What You Won’t Hear on the News

For some reason, the major news organizations didn’t find this newsworthy during Operation Protective Edge. Good thing we tweeted it.

Ceasefires You Didn’t Hear About

Another thing you probably didn’t hear on the news. Did you know that there were 11 ceasefires during Operation Protective Edge? Hamas violated them, all of them.

For more information on this

Winter is Coming

We referenced Game of Thrones. This is just awesome. Apparently, people noticed.

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