Missed the Minefield, Into the Ambush

Yesterday a video of a vocal and sometimes violent confrontation between Ahed Tamimi and two soldiers that took place on Friday in Nabi Saleh went viral. The video had all the components of a viral video, it was emotionally appealing, relatable for most Israelis and the visuals were dramatic.

The video is clear and shows the soldiers showing restraint, and a clear understanding that the provocation was the issue, and a slap from and the screaming were just the tools for another viral escapade from Tamimi Production inc. The officer and the soldier did not step on to the minefield, remained composed, calm and collected, and maintained a standing that some in Israel see as humiliating.

The strategic company commander could have easily arrested the Tamimi provocateur, she would’ve screamed and shouted and bit, and punched and it would’ve all been on video. The video they intended to show. She would’ve appeared on the leading world media, at the top of the hour and she might have even received another prize for standing up against the soldiers.

He, the commander, made a tactical decision, not to. He knew his mission was to prevent more people interfering with the crowd control activities in the village and dealing with the screamer wouldn’t have contributed to the fulfillment of this mission.

However, while he didn’t willfully stroll into the minefield, by inaction and waiting until the video surfaced the IDF walked into an ambush. The media ambush was sufficient enough to go viral, and make all national Israeli media publications and broadcasts. Self-serving politicians from both sides of the political equator jumped on the bandwagon claiming humiliation, occupation, and incapacitation.

The immediate effect was the Monday overnight arrest of Tamimi, she will be tried and prosecuted. The question of course remains, why did the army wait until Monday night, after the video surfaced? If the military understood it was a minefield, why not prevent the ambush? Arresting her prior to the video going viral would’ve given the IDF some credibility that it isn’t an arrest out of spite due to the humiliating video, it would’ve empowered the military to have some control over the message.

The world media will cover the story of the beautiful blond teen that stands up to the Israeli machine, she will be celebrated, the court proceedings will be covered and her coming home party will be grand.

To be continued…