5 bike safety tips that will save your life

Did you know that more than 750 people died last year in bicycle-related accidents? It’s hard to believe when injury is so easy to prevent. Make sure you’re aware of these easy and effective safety tips before you get your next pedal in.

  1. Protect your head: 60-percent of all bicycle related deaths are caused by head injuries. Wearing a helmet is crucial for your safety while cycling.
  2. Act like a car: Go with the flow of traffic and always ride the same direction as vehicles. Motorists aren’t looking out for bicyclists that are riding on the wrong side of the road. Always check for traffic and be aware of the traffic around you.
  3. Practice hand signals: Always look, signal, then look again, avoiding eye contact. Educate yourself on the universal hand signals that are used while cycling — this will ensure that the traffic around you is aware of the direction you are going. Don’t assume drivers will stop for you.
  4. Make sure your bicycle is fool proof: Assure your bicycle is properly adjusted for you before you ride so you don’t experience discomfort. Do a quick test before you start your journey — check your brakes and make sure your wheels are properly secured.
  5. Dress appropriate: Weather is unpredictable, especially if you are riding a lengthy course. Check the weather before you ride and pack alternative apparel when necessary. Also, make sure you are visible to traffic by either wearing bright clothing, or carrying a light on you or your bicycle.
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