Whiskey, Video Games, and Heavy Metal

So Metallica released a new song to promote their new work Hardwired…to Self-Destruct. And with it came memories of listening to …And Justice for All with my friends, while drinking and enjoying good conversation. So i decided to revive one of my favorite pastimes.

After a few weeks plagued with humidity and heat, overwhelmed by horrible news around the world and the lunacy surrounding the elections. I welcomed a cold day this morning, there was something different. Dawn came slowly bringing with it a thick fog, the top of the trees peering from the whiteness as tip of shark fins, approaching my window. Like rebellious carrion they whispered me a change from the dreadful heat, promising riffs that chilled the skin, drums to break bones and pound my heart into the ground.

And so i start my day with a promise of night fever. Work is done with presition and speed. I return late to my home, sit on my sofa and relax my muscles. I let the stress wash over, on my window dusk embraces the sky. A beautiful sight, next to the window i have an Audio technica LP120. I havent put new records on it for a while now “lets change that”. I look over my record collection; RUSH, Pink Floyd, Sepultura, Prong, DaftPunk. Nothing fits the mood of the night. I need something that will pump my veins, take away my stress and replace it with euphoria of movement and rage of pounding sounds.

Then i remember, a few weeks ago i aquire the new DOOM. The memories of adrenalin and euphoria as you speed through gore chambers of hell, erradicading everything on your path, still fresh in my fingers. For anyone who hasnt experience DOOM is an expeirence that you own to yourself. The pounding vibrant soundtrack by Mick Gordon is one of the best music develop for a video game. And so i head back to my collection to match speed with brutality. I dust off a 45 copy of Behemoth — Evangelion, i carefully take out the LP from its sleeve. And with loving care as Abraham looked at his child i put the needle on top of the black surface as if knife ready to open throat for offering.

I pour myself a glass of Lagavulin that a friend gave me for my birthday. I head back to my living room, and i take a sip of the golden liquid while the game loads. I sit in my chair as ‘Daimonos starts’ playing, as i drink i must admit to myself that what im doing is an aquired taste. After all Black/Death Metal is not something for everyone. It requires a refined ear and an open mind to understand the vibrant and loud chords and rumbling drums. To make sense of the ire in the voice and lyrics of each song. Inside each brutal song recides a poetic lyrisism that will remain hidden to the fearful mind.

And so i smile and drink from the glass, i pour myself into the rush, to rip and tear my stress away in the shape of demons and ghouls, while a powerful soundtrack plays to beat of my rushing heart. I pause to change the side of the record, and as ‘Alas, Lord Is Upon Me’ starts playing, i encounter the Cyberdemon. Most won’t understand the joy that is to play a game with such speed and anger that is DOOM while listening to songs that are not afraid to speak of the darkest parts of your heart and mind.

It is a liberating experience, and so the humming noise of the needle reaching the end of the record, i finish my glass. I gladly watch the credits roll, and stand up to retrive the record and set it back into its sleeve. I turn off the TV, take the glass to the sink and slowly wash it. I head back to the bedroom and change, the covers feel cool and smooth. I lay on my side and close my eyes. Tomorrow the heat and rutine will return, but tonight i rest in a delicious calm. My stress gone, my heart at peace.

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