Deep Learning Foundation from Udacity

I’m so exited about the Deep Learning Foundation from Udacity that I finally decided to use my Medium blog to write about my experience with this degree on a regular basis. I had the idea of creating a blog about my journey from business grad into working in data science for a longer time but did not know where to start, so let’s see where this goes.

Udacity just opened their first foundation degree, with the only prerequisite to be fairly comfortable with python.

After going through the first introductory videos and learning about other project, I was already enabled to create my own, prism like pictures:

Scream like picture

And it even got better, teaching a deep q-network to play flappy bird on my mac:

And all of this happened within three hours after signing up for the program. I got to admit that I do not know what I really did within the last few hours, but I have never been so stoked and if the program continues to be that awesome, I would definitely recommend anyone interested in deep learning to go for this program.