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More meaningful notifications product people, please :)

I watched a YouTube video of young Steve Jobs talking about how he came up with the vision of what Apple is building. I can’t find the video anymore but he was quoting a science article he read that compared the efficiency of energy needed to move across different species. Long story short: Humans didn’t do so well until you put them on a bike. He went on about why he thought about computers the same way: as an productivity enhancement for humans.(1)

Beginning of last week I read about the iPhone setup of Jason Stirman (2) and realized how my iPhone was rather slowing me down than making me more productive. I was at a point where I basically muted all notifications and read through those red bubbles twice a day for ~1 hour not being enjoying that at all. Not at all in line with the productivity enhancement vision of Steve. You fixed it for me, thank you Jason for that!

So, please use notifications more carefully product people, you stress others with all that noise they cause (red bubbles). I’ll try to my best as well as i consider my self one of those people not being too aware about notifications as well.

I sleep way better since then, but I think that is a story for another post that’ll come later. Time to go to sleep. If you did not yet, I really recommend reading Matthew Walker’s ‘Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams’


(1) Can’t find the video but here is a blog post about it: