Check list for Blog writing

  1. The topic to be written is checked for relevance. “How tos” of this, is a combination of observation which has been done for a while on related topics and the old “gut feeling” which we all possess. If you don’t feel a zing with the idea, no one else would feel it, as simple as that.

2 Use google keyword analyser or twitter and its plethora of tools, to check for the most relevant hash tags or keywords to be included in the script.

3. The Rule of keyword inclusion, could be in 100 words of text, two of keywords to be included.

4. If the writing tool chosen (@wordpress/@medium) gives provision to specify the tags then use the most relevant 3 tags there.

5. Think of a concise way to give the “subtext” for the heading with the usage of tags. SEO u see! That shows up as meta data with heading of the blog.

6. Inclusion of the tags in the heading. Use a “heading analyser” for A/B testing.

7. Of the written content which of them can be sharable then highlight that using twitter sharable.

8. Visuals are important to have. “A image speaks 1000 words” they say, so you are saved from writing those 1000, use them! On inclusion of a image, please alt tag it with keywords.

9. we would want the audience to be hooked to us. There are tools from Rabbut to create email subscriber box to collect email list. @Rabbut in tandem with @Medium would do the needful to provide you a notification to your followers when you publish.

10. Categorise the post, which channels would be apt for the post needs to be identified. Some of your close friends can make you a acquaintance if you start posting your business in @FB and the same can happen with your business associates, if you start posting your cutesy images on @LinkedIn. @Twitter that way is more accepting, go ahead post all there. Tweeples are more intelligent to filter them and devour them.

11. Identification of target audience for the post is a must, may be we can include specific stuff for them in it and there are 1. groups in LinkedIn 2. lists in twitter 3. Groups in FB which you are part of where you can post them and get more eyeballs for the same.

12. Before posting the link on social channels, may be abbreviate the link by using tools like Such tools give additional tools to customise the link as well to meaningful link addresses.

13. After posting it once, repost the same after couple of days and then after in some weeks and months. You are the best marketeer for your content in the virtual world. Everyone is a marketeer of their own is a known fact.

14. Now that we have posted, NO! we cannot be sitting pretty. Analyze how that post is doing using or any link analysing tool. May need to adjust the timing and the day of posting based on the data.

Happy blogging!