Finding the right work life balance the Teknospire way.

Have you been in Indias silicon Valley — Bangalore traffic. You not only loose the sanity when you need to be stagnant for minutes together but also it seems to take a lot of productive hours from you.

We at teknospire thought over this insane waste of most important resource — the time and brought about a plan to meet at work only 3 days. Fridays and Mondays being days when you connect from home.

This is working good for us as a company.. And many a resources are getting saved. Time spent in commute.. Time spent in getting ready to come to work… time spent in worrying about you not on time to work ☺, and much more.

This makes our managers more result oriented than,.. ‘no-of-hours-spent-on-desk-equal-to-great-work” oriented. That is a lot to unlearn and adapt by all in the hierarchy.

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