When the racism starts to sound the same so you take off in a spaceship to another dimension to vent

you seem to be confused…with many questions though you call them 2.

First…maybe Colin Kaepernick took six years because it has taken that long for NOTHING TO CHANGE since he’s been a player?

Maybe he thought about it before he joined the NFL, maybe not. Maybe he thought about it the 2nd or 3rd year, but he still believed things would be set right. Here we are at 2016 and Black people and people of color in the city and state he represents on that field are still being harmed and killed by police with no justice or support for families.

I don’t know everything he knows. If you though would take a minute to educate yourself about that flag and song you might get it and avoid getting your energy all in a tiff because you would understand that that flag meant ish during a time when Black people where democratically, legally and for brevity an effing reason this country exists (always remembering the years of broken agreements, and the killing of people already on this land to call this land “home of the free”) because our ancestors were categorized in real laws, on real paper as property. Chattel slavery. look it up. the beliefs that fueled slavery fuel the reason (maybe your reasonable explanation) for him sitting down.

Most importantly IT'S STILL HAPPENING. Black people and people of color have been killed, with no justice for their families or communities. This is because of the systematic oppression you speak of. It exists…you just don’t see it, because it doesn’t effect you. at all.

You speak of looking to the US Government for answers, forgetting maybe that it is local governments that run the day to of each state. Also, the DOJ can show you a report of the systematic oppression of residents in Ferguson and Baltimore and no? That’s not enough? What has the president done, you ask? What has the Senate done? Local governments? You want to write long demanding outbursts for a person you obviously don’t care for to respond to with specifics so you can be satisfied when you tear that response down too with your wit and charm and wrong beliefs?

You want specific things that can change? Again, I can not speak for CK. He is a grown man and he knows exactly what he did and why. *whispers* and guess what. HE DOESN’T OWE YOU AN EXPLANATION! Freedom to not say a dang thing about it. Freedom to speak by sitting down. Freedom to choose. America?

so I am choosing to respond because, America.

Why I would sit down too and why I had to head to another dimension.

problem: militarization of the police

solution: take the tanks and tear gas and surveillance and all that extra away.

Are there any veterans in the room? Do you want tanks, teargas and assault weapons in the hands of police who receive training in days, not years? Do you believe those weapons are made for use..here? (or anywhere for that matter?)

Bigger solution if we’re gonna talk government: stop funding perpetual war. If we’re over capacity and having to enact laws that allow us to sell them to local departments so there is money circulating on them and it’s not a “loss”…why not make them into something useful. Material to build. Infrastructure. Rebuild from natural (and human caused) disasters.

problem: natural resources

solution: Stop trying to extract things from the earth. Just stop. Fix the water and the pipes that bring it to our homes. All of our homes. Fix the earth we walk on. We are over capacity on things. We throw away to buy more of the same. Fund grassroots organizations already doing the work. Fund reuse and renewal. Clean water and a healthy food supply that everyone has access to.

problem: economy

solution: It’s a number’s game- the money is there. Follow the data. Hello off shore accounts, inflated everything, 700% raises while someone else’s $1200 monthly income is supposed to pay rent and a $500 life saving medicine from that company that you run. TPP. can that just not happen? thanks. It honestly sucks to give $$$ to a government that spends half of it on the military. Why is this a thing? I would have no problem (not that there is a choice) to pay taxes to a government that used it to benefit my family and neighbors. Can I drink the water? Is the road I’m walking/riding/driving on in good shape? Is the garbage being picked up? Are the social services that people need easily accessed, or is the state fighting to limit choice? Health, education, social security, *cough*reparations. Stop extracting wealth from communities with shady ticket schemes and over-policing, a school to prison pipeline that needs to end, sh*tty housing practices (especially those that in addition to race discrimination, keep people out of a home because of their sexual orientation or gender). Just please stop doing terrible things and making deals that harm people for a bottom line and greed.

problem: people are being harmed and killed by the state. at home

solution: change that ish immediately. It starts at a local level. Look at the police union contracts. There are things there that can be changed that might have an impact…..Visions of a world with no police….

Q: If you chose to be a police officer, would you think twice before pulling that trigger if it meant:

1. Paid time off or Suspension without pay pending trial and more than likely termination with loss of pension and benefits.

2. A different set of procedures that guarantee dismissal or the same laws that we all live under (for right now). jail — bail — trial — possible jail time definitely losing job and can not work in the field again. EVER. Introduce a public national database to track abuse?

3. Killing some _____ who (you think) deserved it or stealing the life of the kid who is that teacher’s student, someones child, a child’s parent” (really the most important.)

4. Having the people you police pay for your crime or you as an ex-officer with no benefits having to pay the family yourself. Your money, not the taxpayers.

and Abroad: WE COULD BE DOING SO MUCH MORE WITH THE 54% OF THE DISCRETIONARY BUDGET that is now spent on the military which does not include VA Benefits. The U.S. spends 6% of the budget on that. Looking at corporations that extract resources from countries and displace whole communities with no compensation from profits with a heavy side-eye.

This isn’t even close to everything, but 4 solutions to your 2 questions seems reasonable. Besides, I have to come back soon…and I’m enjoying it out here at the moment.

p.s. CK and other players are being threatened with retaliation for exercising their right…to sit. Rather than sit with players and figure out ways teams can address very real issues in their community, the people who benefit the most from their players and fans are closing their ears and turning their backs. Displaying the same disregard for communities that he was protesting to start.

Wishing I could organize an event with CCI Boston, Jane Ellitot and others to promote understanding the roots of all of this. As we all continue changing it. Faster. How can we wait?

I just….

*closes spaceship door*

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