Are You Brave Enough to be Vulnerable?
Nancy Duarte


On reading this article, I agree with the position that sometimes being open and vulnerable can be a good thing. I discovered this first hand after coming out to my friends and family that at one point in my life my husband and I were homeless. It was the hardest thing I have ever done. However, because I was able to open up about that struggle, I discovered an inner fire in myself that I had not noticed prior to this. I mean it was there, but not present enough to grant me strength…yet. I needed to be in a place where I had nothing, in order to believe that I could do anything. Not trying, not opening up will slowly eat away at you until you start to feel worthless. Self pity, doesn’t sit well with me. So I believe, sometimes opening up to others can lift you up, and bring new ways of thinking about things that you alone might not have the strength or courage to face. I am happy that I have moved beyond that point in my life and am working hard to ensure that I never have to see it again. Determination is another gift I received from my own vulnerability. Self discovery, determination, and courage to move forward as I intend to. Always. Live well. (

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