An Open Letter to John Hanke & Niantic
Yang Liu

Sorry to say this Yang but you’re part of two niche audiences:
1. Someone who stops cheating the moment some in-game feature is fixed
2. Someone who doesn’t care that others are cheating

Most people that quit Pokémon Go do it because they’re upset with cheaters and hackers being way too advantageous. Most of the Pokémon Go players absolutely hate cheaters as much as you ‘do’, yet they don’t bother using Pokévision. But hey I guess that’s just my personal experience with people and that you’re a unique snowflake.

I’d safely bet my house on the fact that nearly everyone, including you, will still use Pokévision (or other exploits they learned thanks to the cheater community) even after the 3-step bug is fixed.

Niantic is going to do jack shit with this open letter, when have open letters really had an impact on games anyway? Nostalrius? Lol. The only threat to Pokémon Go is the playerbase — ‘filthy’ cheaters that love the thrill of standing in front of everyone else and will keep on cheating no matter where Niantic takes us.

Just because you love the game a whole lot doesn’t mean they can fix issues faster. Niantic isn’t different than any other developer, fixing issues takes time. And unfortunately it often takes more time the more popular the game is. Note: more players, more issues.

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