Honolulu’s Augmented Reality Art Project Named One Of 14 Finalists In Bloomberg Philanthropies Competition

Jul 19, 2018 · 3 min read

One of the most beautiful vacation destinations in the world, the islands of Hawaii are not without their problems. Displaced native communities, homelessness, and rampant urban development have all changed the face of a once-pristine island paradise into a modern tourist trap.

While the state of Hawaii is still far from “ruined,” the local government is looking to bring awareness to the changing face of the islands in an attempt to recapture some of its lost charm.

To do this, they’ve created a proposal for an augmented reality art project that will span the entire city of Honolulu. In order to fund this massive undertaking, they’ve entered their project into the Bloomberg Philanthropies 2018 Public Art Challenge. And not only that — they’ve been selected as one of the 14 finalists to receive a grant of up to $1 million.

While this would be a huge boon to the mixed reality industry, the project would also educate tourists about the slippery slope that Hawaiians are wont to avoid: losing their cultural identity as they are increasingly propelled into a world of modern consumerism.

Regarding the project itself, the designers have proposed that the augmented reality art be based on ten bronze statues scattered throughout the city. Together, they tell the story of Hawaiian communities that have been displaced over the years due to colonialism.

Though the grant from Bloomberg Philanthropies doesn’t cover the entire cost of the selected projects, they have committed to helping the winners cover project-related expenses such as marketing and design.

In a statement from Michael Bloomberg himself, he had this to say about the competition:

“This year’s proposals focus on critical issues facing our country in exciting and creative ways. The Public Art Challenge helps to highlight the role that public art plays in provoking conversation, supporting collaboration, and building strong communities, and we’re looking forward to announcing the winners.”

What do you think about the combination of augmented reality and philanthropy? Let us know in a comment!

UPDATE JULY 28th, 2018

We’ve been busy…

1. We are working on opening the eShop on schedule on July 31st. We will have a variety of tech and designer glasses at launch.

2. The eShop will be the only place in the world to get Rx eyewear and smartglasses with BTC/ETH.

3. LCD integration in eShop (for rewards, loyalty program, glasses purchase) planned for later this year.

4. LCD token wallet smartphone/watch app in development. Expected Q1 ’19. Our goal is that the LCD app will use same account as eShop to unify user experience with the token — for example, buying a new smartglass on lucyd.co gives you an LCD reward, which you can then access from your Bluetooth-connected smartglass.

5. Lucyd is also developing a platform-agnostic app to improve general synergy of wearables and IoT devices, called LINK. Expected release Q4 this year. US Patent application to be submitted on July 2nd 2018 to cover this app. This will be Lucyd’s 14th intellectual property (either a licensed patent and/or patent application).

That’s all for now! We are still seeking new token exchanges with reasonable listing fees, so please bring them to our attention at info@lucyd.co. You may also direct any other concerns there. Thanks!


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Lucyd is a new augmented reality company based in Singapore. We are developing smartglasses and an eShop for cutting-edge eyewear.

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