White supremacists attempting to recruit on college campuses; fliers found in Lynchburg

White supremacist groups have been planting fliers in various college campuses to try and lure in new recruits. Fliers were reportedly found at schools in Lynchburg including Lynchburg college and Liberty University. As of this time the LU police department says that the fliers pictured on it’s campus were photo shopped.

Campbell County Sheriff’s Office investigating a series of car thefts

Since Aug. 28, six vehicles have been stolen from towns including Lynchburg, Evington, and Rustburg. The local law enforcement is requesting the help of the public to find these stolen cars. All cars that were stolen were stolen from homes and had their keys left inside of them.

Lynchburg College shows support for DACA community

After President Trump made a decision to end DACA, the university president of Lynchburg College made it clear to his students that they are supported. The goal is to provide a safe space for all of the school’s students. Students are being told to contact campus security if they are unsure of their rights.

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