CNA Week 9: Sports News

David Stern thinks medical marijuana shouldn’t be on banned list

Former NBA commissioner David Stern says that due to marijuana’s medicinal qualities, it shouldn’t be on the banned list. Current NBA commissioner, Adam Silver, said it is something they will be looking into. Stern said that players need to use their union to help get medical marijuana off of the banned list.

NFL’s TV ratings still sliding; ’17 figures down big from same period in ‘15

League games currently average 15.1 million viewers, that’s down from 18.35 million viewers during the same period in 2015. Ratings are down for a number of reasons, including the ongoing anthem protests. Ratings are down for all sporting events across the board.

The NFL Has Trimmed The Length Of Its Games — Well, A Little Bit

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell announced before this season started that steps were being made to increase the pacing of the game. The lack of flow and length of games was seen as one of the reasons that viewership is slipping. So far games are only down an average of 26 seconds.