What is Good Writing?

At it’s core “Good Writing” is simply writing that engages the audience while still delivering it’s message well. I believe that a good writer can take any topic and write about it in a succinct and interesting way, so that is to say that a bad topic can never be the source of blame for bad writing.

A great example of good writing is the writing done over at the A.V. Club. The A.V. Club is a pop culture website that makes use of humor and snark effectively to make their content much more interesting to read. My point here is not that every article or blog post should be filled of sarcasm, that would be ridiculous. Instead, every article and blog post should make use of creative ways to make their content more appealing and engaging to read.

Another aspect of good writing is brevity. A reader is lending you their time, that makes it your responsibility to make good use of it. Good writing never uses more words than necessary to get the point across.

This may seem overly obvious, but good writing incorporates proper grammar. To write well you must know the fundamentals of writing, and that includes knowing the necessary grammar rules and conventions so you don’t embarrass yourself.

Good writing has an interesting and fresh perspective. In our day in time the phrase “there is nothing new under the sun” is truer than it has ever been, but that just makes having a fresh perspective that much more important. So many people have access to a computer and a blogging site, so if you are going to try and make a splash in this ocean, you need to come to the keyboard ready with something to say. A movie can be shot beautifully with wonderful performances by all of the actors, but none of that matters in the long run if the movie is not original.

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