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Too often I’ve seen things like this happen in Chicago and other big metropolitan cities. The girl wanted to get “In” with the Chicago Bulls star, who happens to be a celebrity in his own right and loaded with money.. They all met up at 2 -3 AM mind you.. drinking heavily…They weren’t strangers, having had a “non exclusive” aka Sexual relationship for 2 years..

She clearly let them in and did not just say hi. She clearly mentions “burns” she had that “bubbled up”.. They were at her place for more than just a hi and hello.. She was coherent and let them in.

It does seem like she had to be up for work in the morning, which is evident by some of the details present…

However, sounds like she wanted Rose to come over.. which could easily imply sex.. Especially for people who are partying together and have been intimate with each other for more than a year..

Question is, did she consent to others having sex? Did she pass out without letting them leave? Why would she? Did she have a rape test done to see if she was indeed raped?

This all seems very vague. Rose seems like he has nothing to hide with his statements.. He seems confident, bold and upfront about everything.

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