Alone is in demand

I feel like an introvert these days. If I am running errands and I see a familiar face, I will do anything to dodge them. Especially on Mondays and Tuesdays, my standard days off. It’s not really cause I’m shy, I may be at first or choose not to talk in crowded situations, but it’s mostly due to my hearing loss. Most people who know me know that I have one; I was born with it but my parents didn’t notice until I was five years old. One day in Kindergarten, they administered hearing tests to all students and my results came home from school the following week. My parents were stunned they didn’t notice before. I guess I had done a good job masking it. When I began working with a speech therapist a couple of years later, I began to learn how to read lips quickly and efficiently. It really helped me in school especially considering the Chicago Public Schools were known for the average class size of 32.

32 students in one class under one teacher’s instruction (teacher assistants were non-existent).

I struggled and as a result of struggling, I learned to push myself harder. It was only easy for me to accomplish this task when I worked solo. I lesson I learned most recently in fact. I think I am discovering the best way for me to stay focused, and relaxed.

Being alone for me is one of my favorite things to do. I used to feel bad about admitting this, but it’s actually something that puts me in a hygge mood (pronounced hue-guh; Danish word that describes allowing whatever comforts you to exist).

When I am alone, besides having errands done, I get to feel me the most. I am most motivated and can accomplish tasks effectively. If I choose to have a hygge moment then I have a cup of tea or coffee and sit by my window nook and take in the day opposite my window. This is when I feel most serene and at peace. Sometimes, it’s on my bed where I listen to my breathing and allow my mind to rest. Once in a while, it’s when I get to enjoy a cookie, or two, with a beverage of my choice. It’s not to say that being around others cannot evoke the same feeling, but it is the one way I know I feel most calm.

I believe everyone should prescribe to being alone once in a while. You really get to know yourself this way. It releases a lot of stress when you know the only person you have to dress up for is you and if you want to wear a bikini then wear one.

Alone: it’s in demand