But first, be true to you

Photo Credit: Teena Chumber

Last night at work I had the fortunate experience of meeting an Alsatian winemaker. He was dining with my first wine mentor and I was their server. It would be the first time that I had waited on my mentor since we worked together ten years ago. I’ve seen her on many occasions, in different settings, but it was the first time we exchanged conversation in a ‘like old friends’ manner. The winemaker, on the other hand, was charming to say the least. An older man, both tall and reputable in stature, he offered words of life, things he had learned along the way — mostly in reference to people and observation. I was most smitten with how his accent carried over his genuine intent.

He spoke of how when one stands and where they place their hands indicates a lot of their body language, or rather, what they wish to convey.
He spoke of the way people paraphrase their words and the influence they carry when spoken with utmost passion and sincerity.
He spoke of confidence, the one he secretly mentioned I was hiding.
He told me, “Don’t ever change who you are, just be better.”

He went on to say he enjoyed his evening, especially within the presence of my service style. This is when he said I should have more confidence in what I have to offer, what I bring to the table. It was as if he read me like an open book, able to detect the small bit of negative energy that harbored on me last night…

I am good at what I do. I just don’t wish to do it any longer. I’ve reached the prime of my experience. Maybe it’s because the game changes when you get older. Or maybe it’s because sometimes you don’t have the ability to be who you are, even when you try your utmost darnest to do so.

Nevertheless, I was thankful for the experience. I do believe that within life, fate allows the ample opportunities to meet with people who touch our lives for one reason or another. Sometimes for just an hour. That is all we needed for that particular moment in time. For me, this was one of those moments.