Can’t sleep

I am no stranger to wakefulness. We are old friends who love and dislike each other. I like my quiet time since it helps me relax but I would much rather be sleeping. It used to be one of my favorite pastimes.

The are several reasons why being up this late is not good for me: deprivation of eight hours of sleep, health weakens, and mood swings. I’m spinning right now thinking of it. Thinking of the bad.

I usually don’t prefer writing in the evening so this is not usual for me. That’s a first. Cause for awhile, it was me and nightfall every night and only us. I reunite with my bed in the morning, ending with wasted time. I know it’s not best to think this way but it’s true. And that’s what I want to talk about, honesty.

I want to be real because you never know what the person next to you is going through — they just don’t want to say.

I want to be that voice. Please listen and let’s converse.

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