Day four and I knew Charleston would be my favorite stop. Its charm is alluring and the differences it offers compared to my hometown Chicago is night and day. The locals are relaxed and carefree. You could tell their quality of life is not determined by anyone other themselves.

I’m jealous. I used to be in control of my happiness, but lately I’ve let other factors in my life dictate when to relax and when I can’t.

I just woke up an hour ago and am about to head to breakfast. We are staying at a bed and breakfast in the historic district that is absolutely beautiful. The courtyard and ballroom are possible choices for enjoying breakfast. We chose the ballroom today because it’s already 87 this morning. It’s scheduled to reach 95 for a high. That’s why one of our destinations is Folly Beach.

Last month I served some guests that are chefs in the hospitality industry here in Charleston. I told them of my planned trip. They recommended several restaurants and lastly, Folly Beach. Then last night at dinner, our server told us the same thing. So next on our list to indulge in is the Atlantic Ocean front and pier by Folly Beach.

I just poured myself some bubbles. I’m on vacation. I can enjoy a drink in the morning if I like. And again in the afternoon, at dinner and perhaps a nightcap too.

Til Folly Beach…

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