Cryptic messages (for the record I don’t send them)

Texts are lost in translation everytime. Yes, everytime. More often than not, it was I who spent more than a mere few minutes trying to figure out what someone meant.

That was me a few months ago.

Most recently I wrote about “not caring about the unknown”. I grew tired of trying to figure shit out, on my dime at that.

Who cares what that cryptic message meant, right?

Look, if you care I won’t judge you. If you don’t care, I won’t judge you either. But nothing pisses me off more than when someone questions my own message and labels it as cryptic.

Whoa, back up just a second.

I don’t mislead. I definitely don’t make up shit just to say this or that in place of what I really mean. If you are someone of meaning in my life then I’ll text you back. If I rather have a phone conversation cause texts can be lost in translation then please respect my intentions.

Do you even know me?

It’s like my original post’s general point: “It’s not about you.” If I choose to answer in a text then I will. If I want to explain something over the phone then don’t freak out and think it’s about you. Guess what? It wasn’t.

Next time you receive a cryptic text that you believe is out to haunt and destroy you, do yourself a favor and take a step back. Think about the person on the other end, the one you said you consider a friend. Maybe he/she has something important they rather tell you in person or on the phone. Think about whether you’d want them to respect your wishes to do the same. Then don’t freak out and be a friend. That’s all they ever wanted in the first place.