Demons that chase me

I fight black creatures that entice my every weakness

Not black in color, more like faceless and dark in nature

I wear a mask that melts into my creases

I become someone I don’t want to be

or maybe I do

Maybe an excuse to escape

the pressures I want to elude

Please don’t take me

Please don’t make it harder to be good

I beg for solace

I’m too fragile to stand along, strong

but I try anyways

They knock the wind out of my pace

suck all the air beneath my skin

They hypnotize me with their luring ways

“Forget all your troubles”

“Come this way”

“It’ll feel good”

and like a fool who knows no different, I fall victim to temptations

that rape my soul

I need to recognize the signs before they attack

I want fervently to fight the demons that take over every ounce of my insides

my words and actions

before I lose control

before I lose sight

of the value I behold and often forget

when they attack

I will wait by the door patiently, for their steps to appear

stand guard

and run far away from their airless suctions

I must stand firm

I must endure

That is why hope exists

This is why I believe in it more than anything

without it, I cannot be saved

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