Health kick

A little over a month ago I created a workout designed for sculpting my legs, abs and arms. I did, however, select exercises that would strengthen my glutes primarily because I truly believe that a good posture, strong back and stable core stem from having active glutes.

It’s been a long six weeks. I don’t always feel like I see the results but I definitely feel stronger. For cardio, I have been utilizing HIIT with eight sets of 20 seconds each of mountain climbers and squats, resting for ten seconds between each set — all in just under nine minutes. The combination of my cardio, exercise sets and free weight training keeps my heart rate up and gives me a great work out, all in 80 minutes’ time total. I just make sure I commit to doing this three days a week and so far, I’ve been keeping up.

The other benefits of my health kick is it encourages me to eat healthier and drink a lot more water. I am excited these changes have taken place as I get ready for my road trip come July 2. Two nights each in Nashville and Charleston, followed by four nights in Myrtle Beach where I hope to feel confident showing off my stronger frame.

I hope to continue my workouts while on vacation because this will help me stay committed and see the results I desire most in the long run. That’s the best thing about the exercises and HIIT training I have selected, is that I can do it anywhere. I won’t be taking my free weights with me, but I do plan on swimming while on vacation, so I hope that will make up for the absence of my weight training.

Yesterday on my day off, my husband surprised me by the taking the following photo of me as I basked in the beauty of the summer solstice sun at the pool. I was somewhat impressed, I have to admit. But more so than this, the photo is a great piece of motivation that makes me want to keep going. And that is what I intend on doing.

Me on summer solstice