It’s all in the name

On May 19, 2011 I posted my first-ever inaugural blog post on Blogger — my blog was named Named for Wonder Woman. It tells the story of how I came to be named. In light of the Wonder Woman movie due out next month, I felt it fitting to re-post it here in my new home for writing. Here it is.

Imagine the anticipation when they were waiting for me to pop out. My oldest sister was an angel — literally she could do no wrong. Never mind it was because she was scared to death of doing anything for that matter, so she basically sat still and listened to everything my parents said. She was perfect in my parent’s eyes so I had some big shoes to fill when I came out. My ethnic background is middle eastern, and if there’s one thing you must understand about the culture is that boys are golden — girls just do all the work. I was supposed to be a boy and there wasn’t a girl’s name picked out for me and when I finally did come out, my grandfather (God bless his soul) was the first to say, “Another girl?” My dad actually did not care, so he took it upon himself to name me. He was infatuated with Lynda Carter at the time, aka Wonder Woman, and that’s how I got the name. Possessing an extreme talent for calligraphy and being all about the phonetics — he merely insisted on Linda with an “i” versus the “y”. Thank goodness for that. And that, ladies and gents, is how I was named for Wonder Woman…

Credit: David Despau