Lipstick love affair

Ever since I was a little girl, lipsticks have always been my thing. I would love to pretend to put it on when I was too young to actually wear one. Then when I was old enough to wear anything that resembled an inkling to lipstick, my mom allowed me to wear lip gloss. I was in heaven.

When I was a junior in high school and working part time, I saved up some money to splurge on an expensive lipstick. I went to a department store that featured the classic names like: Estée Lauder, Lancôme, and Clinique, to name a few. I put my trust in the sales ladies who showered me with samples and make overs before settling for a bright orange red offering, I remember her selling point was it matched my olive skin which I fell for. It became my favorite color for months and I refused to wear anything else.

Over the years, owning multiple lipsticks has never faltered and lip liners are pretty equal on that line despite their being currently out of style. I tend to lend more towards matte colors and stay away from pearls as they don’t compliment my skin tone. And as of late, I really favor the deep plum hues.

Why do I love lipsticks so much? They have always been an easy go to for adding color and dimension to my face. I have never been an over the top makeup girl, layering everything under the sun on my face. I’ve always preferred more of the natural look on a daily basis, reserving eye shadows for special occasions since I’ve always dreaded taking off so much makeup. Lipsticks are just so easy when it comes application — all you have to is twist the tube to bring up its colorful stick and apply. Voila!

In honor of National Lipstick Day, I’m including a picture of my current stash with my favorite lipstick these days up front: Aveda’s Rare Orchid #NationalLipstickDay

Lay it on me…