Memory Recall

Lately I’ve allowed flashbacks to dominate my mind. Trying to recall a certain place, words spoken and the color of the blouse I wore. Then came today.

Every year I remember the death anniversary of my very dear friend Mison. She passed when she was 20 and I’ve missed her everyday since she’s been gone. She is the most unique friend I have ever had and she left an impression on me like no other.

She never got to San Francisco. She was scheduled to begin her junior year of college the following fall in California. She was midway through her sophomore year at Loyola. She was a Biology major. She was destined to do great things.

I last spoke to her ten days prior to her passing. We spoke of getting together after Valentine’s Day. Our conversation lasted seven minutes. I still recall her voice and how she addressed me as Lindy.

I know if she were alive today, we would be the best of friends. And I hope in some way she knows I will never forget her never failing kindness and beautiful soul.

Memory recall is good for our well being. It brings you back to that particular time and place, rekindling the emotion that lingered about, bringing your younger self back for a mere moment. Hopefully that moment is a good one.

Mison, this story is for you and all the memories I have collected in your honor.

Love you always.