Next stop: driving through the Carolinas

Day three of our road trip and we’re heading towards Charleston. But before we get to South Carolina and the proximity of the Atlantic Ocean, we’ll be driving through North Carolina. That means mountain scenery.

You know how when you learn a new word, you eventually notice it everywhere? That’s how it was for me when I first heard of Asheville, North Carolina about five years ago. My husband’s friend and work colleague got transferred there to open up a new Trader Joe’s store. We both laughed at him for moving to a small town considering he was leaving a big city like Chicago. Little did we know he would end up the smart one for moving his family to a better quality of life.

Here’s what I’ve learned of Asheville since: it’s nestled in Blue Ridge Mountains and home to some of the tallest and oldest peaks; it’s been named as Beer City USA for over five years and has the most craft beer breweries per capita; it’s an art focused city with a downtown art district and everyone practices yoga; despite being located in the Bible Belt, there are a lot of hippies and new agers who live on chakra influences; finally it’s a food eccentric town with a strong local belief in knowing where their ingredients are sourced.

Who’s laughing at who now?

Then last week, a new girl started at work and we were talking briefly while I was training her when I discovered she used to live in Asheville, born in Nashville.

What are the chances of that happening?

She gave me several recommendations or restaurants as we drive through. I wrote them all down, in the order of which ones I want to check out.

  • 12 Bones
  • Cúrate
  • Night Bell

…to name a few.

So we left Nashville this morning close to 9 am. An hour later than we wanted to and as a result, just drove through. We have reservations this evening at 7 pm at Little Jack’s Tavern and didn’t want to risk being late and also miss fireworks. I was a bit sad but it was a beautiful drive in, with the smoky mountains in the background and plush greenery as wall canvases to both our left and right. It’s like I said in my first road trip post, at least we could say we drove through Asheville. As a result, my chakras feel more aligned and I may strike a yoga move tonight in its honor. But as for my drink choice this evening, I prefer a stiff one after driving for seven hours.

Til Charleston….

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