saying goodbye

Photo Credit: Pinterest

my jury rests

i’ve decided

living in the moment

my new motto will reign

my eyes will serve as evidence

to moments

to life

to change and understanding

i will stare at everything as it happens

i will take in scents slowly

i will linger on every taste

i will love

with time and patience

with respect to those i hold dear

i will care for my being

get acquainted with my heart

listen more

watch the signs that whisper

taking on a role

although foreign at first, will attach to my soul

i didn’t have time to say farewell

but sometimes not saying and turning around

is better

here’s to a new purpose

here’s to mystery

here’s to every day as it is

as it breathes

each minute a gift

each moment a treasure

everything with a purpose

i will embody all as it comes

within its time

as i carefully unwrap its gift

and admire its contents

bestowed only to me

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