Stop stacking the plates (server wishes: ‘guests, please stop doing this’)

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I had a table yesterday where the guy stacked two of his plates onto another. I could tell he thought he was doing me a favor. Ha. If you think that was swell wait till you hear of his 13% tip. Whoo!!! It made my day.

But seriously. Let’s get back to the stacking part of the story.

Please don’t do this. It’s not helping us out at all. We can’t unstack it now and carrying it back to the dish station will be more traumatic because we don’t know if it will fall.

As a result of yesterday’s episode. I decided to make a list of things servers (well I suppose I should refer to this list as my subjective point of view) wish their guests would stop doing:

  • Ask for Lake Michigan water when I offer filtered still or sparkling (applies only to Chicago restos)
  • Stack or hand your plates over while I am trying to collectively balance the existing ones in my hands
  • Ask for salt and pepper, hot water with lemon or ice on the side
  • Ask a million questions about the menu (please educate yourself or google sunchoke while you’re at the table; I’m a server, not a culinary teacher)
  • I respect allergies, I do, but if you have a long list of them, perhaps you should consider eating at home
  • Please refrain from saying the following sentence upon practically licking the plate clean (yes, you are not the first to say this): “I didn’t like it. Can you tell?” followed by chuckling
  • Don’t say it’s your birthday so you can get the free birthday cake and then post an IG picture saying you lied about it being your birthday (really?)
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