Wanted: The imperfect guy (but perfect in my eyes)

Single, unorganized 24 year old girl looking for the following in a companion:

  • Part time or unemployed guy between 24–32, preferably not a college graduate, i.e. a dream chaser (with an entrepreneur mind set)
  • Self-sufficient: can follow frozen foods’ instructions
  • Willing to hold and open the door for me
  • Not afraid to dance the way he pleases
  • Likes to tell jokes (humor is the best medicine)
  • Does laundry at least twice a month — trust me, I get it
  • Not vegan; loves burgers, pizza and BLTs (in this order)
  • Enjoys watching movies, especially classics like Breakfast Club (one of my faves)
  • Isn’t embarrassed to kiss in public; believes in PDOA
  • Didn’t vote for Trump
  • Believes the phone shouldn’t be attached to the hip
  • Calls his mom from time to time
  • Has a childhood best friend
  • Upholds good morals and is genuinely kind (says ‘bless you’ when someone sneezes)
  • Wears deodorant daily
  • Smiles often
  • Doesn’t lie; as real as can be