Water rules

In the restaurant industry it is easy to get addicted to substances. Alcohol is a huge one. There’s a perk they call a ‘shift drink’ that a lot of restaurants employ where after your shift, each employee is entitled to one alcoholic beverage at no charge. Depends on where you work that determines the drink but this was a benefit I always liked to expend.

Then came last weekend. I went out drinking after work on two different nights. On Sunday night, the 2nd time, I came home to a sullen and parched face and I did not like it. I swear it looked as if I had aged one year — from two nights of drinking. That’s when I realized I needed to make changes.

Just before I got married, I used to drink about 120 ounces of water a day: that’s about 17 glasses of water. That was 16 years ago. I wish I possessed the bladder I had then because I would love to do that now, but it’s challenging. When you work a service floor — even two minutes away from your section can make or break you. In other words, use your bathroom breaks wisely. And for someone like me, who does not like to leave the floor unless I absolutely have to, two minutes is time I could use to touch every table, offer a new drink to a guest, or greet a new table. I just never made a habit of it. But now…

I want to take care of me, my skin, and feel like a million bucks. That’s how I felt when I used to drink a lot of water before. And I want the old me back.

They say the best way to figure out how much water your body needs is to take half of your weight and divide that number by eight — this is how many glasses of water you should be consuming every day. I’ll use my weight as an example: 126 lbs / 2 = 63. 63 / 8 = 7.8745: about 8 glasses of water every day. That’s definitely manageable. And if you have coffee or an alcoholic beverage then add an extra glass of water for each coffee or drink you have that day.

Currently, I am keeping bottles of water in my fridge so I have access to cold water when I need it. I also have filtered water but tap water is better for the enamel on your teeth so I switch out the water options if I am at home.

I have always been a water person. I switched out my soda options when I was fifteen and haven’t drank it since then. That’s why I don’t keep soda in the house because I don’t want my kids to have that access. Water is the best fluid we can consume. Every time I dedicate myself to drinking water regularly, I always feel so much better.

Join me in this journey to make water number one. After all, in my book — it rules before all else.

Get that water in your system
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