When work colleagues disappoint you

Photo Credit: Sales Girl

Last night, we all stayed late after service to set up for a private event tonight. I took my apron off to sweep and put it on the counter by the servers drawer so I could pick it up later. When I went to retrieve it, it was gone. I asked around and everyone played it off like it was not a big deal. Instead of offering to help me find it everyone hurried on to gather their own personal items and leave for the night.

It is big deal — it costs 80 dollars and I’ve had it for 11 months. I’d sewn a patch on my pen pocket to perserve the stained cloth. I took great care to wash it every other week and keep it pressed.

Someone perhaps picked it up by accident, I’m sure, but the reaction I received from my colleagues really put me off. I can’t tell you how many other times, others have left theirs behind and I made sure to give to my manager so it would be kept safe. Or if they were still there, I made sure they got it back.

What happened? When the tables turned, I did not receive the same attention.

Maybe I was tired. Maybe it had been a long night for everyone. But quite frankly, the reaction I received really pissed me off. So much that when I left, I didn’t say good-bye to anyone.

There is only one other front of the house employee who has been there with me since day one, everyone else is new. Now I’m old school, old school resto mentality, where seniority should be respected. But I am also working with many individuals who are much younger than me and who have yet to experience life like I have. I have seen and been through so much that most people don’t know even about. I know this story may not appear to relate, but I bring this up because it does in fact affect the situation at hand. Maybe my motherly side is what causes me to want to save someone’s apron, but when I deal with colleagues who don’t want to return the same sentiment, secretly, it makes it harder for me to want to do the same for them.

Teaching respect is hard to do. I can admit that firsthand. Being a mom of two teens has its struggles, but I remind them all the time that this is the one trait I expect them to carry at all times. I can’t control how others will treat me but being on the other side of such behavior puts a bad taste in my mouth. It also brings to mind the realization that I cannot let their actions define me, or who I want to be.

I write these stories because I want to translate my true feelings onto the computer. I haven’t been this rattled in so long. Thankfully, when I laid to sleep last night, I thought of the mountains I remembered seeing in Colorado last year when I visited. I also thought of the accomplishments I have achieved in the last few years. Lastly, I thought about the most recent achievement in which I will write on tomorrow, once my ill feelings have passed.

Maybe I should use this experience as a learning one. One that opens my eyes and projects me to take view of my stance. One that ensures that I act appropriately and fairly. One that carries through the characteristics I have been teaching my kids to partake. Kindness being one of them.

Photo Credit: Juxtapost