The Wi-fi free restaurant

I was on the top of the world. A newly married woman grabbing all the attention from her ever enthusiast husband who was coming up every now and then with innovative romantic ideas to flatter the lady.

Honeymooning at a lovely isolated resort in Santorini I was collecting every bits and pieces of happiness spattered all around me. And super content, I, was simply not wanting anything more

But the Little devil residing inside my Husband’s pocket was putting me off at times. His mobile phone.

Ringing at wrong timings and notifying its master with frequent message alerts, it quickly became an antagonist in the otherwise dreamy and adoring love story.

As already mentioned my husband didn’t leave a chance to make it up with his passionate efforts. As a part of his lovely plans a table was booked for a beautiful candle light dinner in the sea breeze.

We decided to walk down. Hand in hand we began sauntering through the streets with shops and eateries on both the sides. Then suddenly I saw the restaurant with a small board that read “Wi-fi free”.

Yes you read it right. Wi-fi free and Not Free Wi-fi.

I started insisting that we get inside to explore what they meant and adjourn the dinner plan for the next evening. A hesitant husband unable to say no to his new wife acceded to the change of plan.

But the place did not fail to impress us. What was more interesting was that everyone dining in there was talking to each other, looking at each other and listening to each other with ample attention.

Such a contrast to the present-day scenes at the bistros and diners!

I have recently seen a table in a restaurant with a group of people socializing over food and drinks. One person casually decided to take a call and left without even an “excuse me”. This made rest of the people zone in to their respective mobile phones too. Then many minutes passed and the group was “socializing” with virtually everyone except those at the table.

I wondered in my head, how could people catch up with their heads down?

Now this has got an answer too! My ever energetic husband showed me how. He got me introduced to LYK and said this was how he and his friends catch up with their heads down, but only when they were not sitting together. I have been LYKing my friends ever since. Catching up was never this fun!

For those who are eager to read about my dinner date, it was an awesome evening, only about us and oblivious to my little rival.

And for those who are wondering what LYK is, go explore

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