1UP Media website

Though first weeks were spent working on a project, the company’s focus changed slightly for a while to creating the company’s website as it’s an essential part for pretty much any business these days. It fell to me to be one of those finding the style for our website and later — to create the required graphics for it.

Website style

We began with a fairly clear idea in mind of what we wanted from the website style-wise. A side-scrolling website with parallax background for the main view, the different sections accessed through the navigation in the footer. The intended style was flat style and the theme was based on the Japanese samurais.

There were also certain sections already decided upon for the navigation: Home, Apps, Projects and Games.


As any visual element, the graphics went through several stages and through several alterations before settling on the final versions. Though usually when googling flat mountains, one would get a lot of results like this:

1UP Media colours didn’t fit with the blues and greens, making the process of colour picking a little longer than it would’ve been otherwise. The company’s colour being a shade of purple, the website was decided to follow through with that theme. When creating layered flat style, similar colours were used, so the final result turned out as the following transition:

Not only did these colours work well with the company’s colour, they worked well with our theme of Japanese samurai inspired story as well.

To further this, instead of using photos of the personnel, it was decided that caricatures of everyone would be drawn by me (In process of which I will go into in my next blog post), as they were a better fit for the style of the website which was to be a little cartoonish.

As can be seen from the screenshot samples above, the whole website maintains a certain crisp edge, colourful theme, according to the needs of each separate sections of the website. The graphics were created as requested and joint together in a company-themed website to introduce 1UP, as well as to showcase the company’s projects.

The full website can be viewed at the following link: http://www.oneup.fi

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