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It’s been a month since I moved to Singapore. I like Singapore so far. Life in Singapore is comfortable. The dishes are delicious and the cities aren’t very crowded. I try to look back on so far as it’s been about 1 month since I moved to Singapore.

Objectives in this month:

  • Finish quarantine without any problems
  • Learn Singapore’s Law in the Covid-19 pandemic situation
  • Get the work pass
  • Get SingPass account
  • Open a bank account
  • Setup the living/working environment
  • Setup living space
  • Try various local foods
  • Get used to using public transportation

Finish quarantine w/o any problems

I was spending my time on because of the Stay Home Notice (SHN) for the first two weeks. I had to be in my room all time during the SHN. I couldn’t step out of my room except to pick up a package for me or meals from the door. And I had to check my temperature and put it into an application that is created by the Singapore government 3 times every day. The application is also tracked my location automatically to make sure I didn’t move out of the room. Furthermore, the Ministry of Health (MOH) staff called me every day to make sure my location and registered information are correct. …

Hello, this is my first article in English!

I moved to Singapore from mid August.

I work for a startup company based on Singapore. I was supposed to go to Singapore from April, but the COVID-19 was affecting me to stay in Japan for 5 months. While I was living in Japan, I was in my hometown. My hometown is in the outskirts of Tokyo. There aren’t any train stations nearby lol. I was studying English after finishing my work everyday.

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This is my parents’ dog Riku. He is so cute ❤️ Since COVID-19 things are getting calmed down recently. …



Software developer. I love JavaScript and TypeScript.

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