I am a Christian

I try to be as fully devoted and whole-hearted a person I can be. With faith it’s difficult trying to do that at first if your not given many good examples or are not put into the right environment. I have felt much pain, much heartache, and much sorrow. Never before though would I have been able to say “I am a Christian” with as much conviction, and truth, as I can now.

I thank College for that. I do not know if college itself has been a great match for me, but what I can say is that it has helped me find my faith again and better than ever may I add.

I love God the Father. The one and only God I know to be true. I know this because when I pray and worship Him I can feel His presence. I know that God the Father and Jesus Christ love me because the pain and guilt my heart has held for all these years are washed away with my sins through Him.

I have a drive, a purpose. One in which I am to give myself to Christ and through HIm I give myself to others. Nothing gives me more joy than being able to help others, love others, be there for others. Nothing. Except the joy I get from worshiping the Lord.

Up to this point, all you know is that I am a christian, I’m in college, I love God, and I love others. I apologize. My name is Keishawn Terry. I go to The University of Tampa, conveniently located in Tampa, Florida. I will not lie and say I did my best during this first semester. I also will not say that I am ashamed of not doing so. On the contrary, I’m glad I did not meet my mark. If I had I would not be writing this very story. I would not be a part of such a great church, The Underground and the micro-church Intervarsity. That is a bit far-fetched eventually I might have.

Yet, all that I have done this past first semester of my very first year in college has come with no regret because I tried my best for what the Lord asked of me. Also, I can say that I can finally see clearly my purpose to do the Lord works. Life has taken off those rose colored glasses and shown me how I can help contribute to the world, being like Christ, with what little time I have to spend on the very world I so love.

If you asked if I am at all worried or stressed about my life decisions I’d say no with all honesty. I’m paraphrasing here but the words Francis Chan wrote in his book Crazy Love went something like worry and stress come from our own arrogance. To think that i would worry over what God has planned for me is to say that I do not trust HIm, who strengthens me, with all my heart.

This story is entitled simply “I am a Christian” which I am. Self-proclaimed. Even yet in this sense do I hope to have to say that sparingly. The original disciples of Christ were not self-proclaimed christians. No. Not even did they call themselves christians, at first. No, at first the people who looked upon them saw their good works and acts and entitled them as Christians.

I think it is easy for people say call themselves a christian, a muslim, or a atheist. I feel, at least for christianity, that if you are not being “like Christ” and others do not see that you are “like Christ” then you are not truly a Christian. Even “ Luke-warm Christians” and “Sunday Christians” can not truly be Christian because being Christian means to me to be a follower of Jesus Christ, a lover of God the Father, a faithful servant, and a fully devoted to your belief. That does not allow for in-between Christians.

I say this because I myself has been this way. I’m not saying I’m perfect now because I am not and I will continue to make mistakes. I can say that I try my best to be my best for God. Much before I will ever think of saying I am perfect I will first say I am the Sinner of sinners. God has really gotten me through a lot of hard times. Some of which I will admit were my fault. I bear my sins on my shoulders as a badge of honor though because I know from that badge that God has brought me from a mighty long way.

This story’s main focus has come to my confession, and more so the love God has given me through all that and the love that I hope to give to all I can reach.

I personally thank the Underground for accepting me and making me family. I love every single person there because for the first time ever with a group of people outside my family (maybe even including my family) I have been able to truly be myself. I thank the Lord for putting me into such a great community of people because without them I would not be as close to God as I am today.

I start back school in less than a week. I do not know what God has planned for me, but with Him at my side I shall fear no evil. With great friends I know I’ll survive one way or another.

I’m ready for the next step.

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