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My last 5 months and beyond

It feels like a long time since I was last employed. In fact it’s been a little over 5 months.

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Some of you might know that back in March, I quit my Data Scientist job in eSports to join an incubator called EF. I wanted to see how tech — specifically deep learning — could be applied to Europe, politics and no, not Cambridge Analytica style.

First, some stats. I’ve spent exactly 76 days in the program, working on 2 projects with 2 different co-founders, pitching to 3 business angels, and another 91 days of post-incubator life. That’s exactly 45.75% of 2018 for you right there.

What came out of it?

Looking back and seeing that almost half a year has passed sparks thought: was it worth it? did I learn anything? is the value I got out of it higher that my opportunity cost?

Yes, Yes and Yes.

Obviously those are difficult questions that I still wrestle with and time will tell. It is not a self-fulfilling prophecy, the reason for those answers lies somewhere else: in one of the projects that came out from that time.

Introducing the brain child

The 3 months that followed the incubator were a mixture of reflecting on experiences, reading, design boot camps, freelance projects (accent on the free), well-deserved holidays. But the one project that took most of my time is the direct brain child from the company I wanted to build.

In my incubator time, I stumbled upon the following technical question: could an algorithm predict a person’s personality using a video of them ? Could that be used to level the playing field of hiring interviews, giving equal chances to all?

Official footage of PewDiePie being interviewed on our platform

Like with any other idea, I found out that some really bright people were already working on it. I reached out, and that’s how our present research collaboration was born.

Get your own Personality Interview

Head over to the website, and prepare for your next job interview by:

  • answering on camera a set of interview questions designed by a psychologist
  • getting to know your personality type
Check out

With your help, we’re collecting a unique dataset that will push the boundaries of Artificial Intelligence. Algorithms are everywhere nowadays, but none of them understand humans beyond their appearance.

I want to say a massive thanks to the people I shared this time with — especially my co-founders and fellow EF cohort members & staff— and to the ones who supported me or answered my calls — girlfriend, friends, …

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