There’s one kind awareness we humans badly need: fire-awareness.

Fire has obviously two sides. Positive and constructive versus negative and destructive. We are not unaware of the positive side. Passion, energy, devition, zeal, enthusiasm, all this is positive fire.

Sometimes real, sometimes just feigned. Witness the virtual epidemic of people (for example on Linkedin) who are “passionate about” this or that. To burn has become a fashion; the individual might lack fire completely but mild, bland and slightly boring doesn't sound good in a CV.

I really burn for this

So positive fire is “in”, and we kind of know it.

Negative fire is VERY IN, but we don't know it, don't recognize and acknowledge it.

Becoming more honest about positive fire and more aware of negative fire could be a revolution, something grand like brave firefighters putting out a forest fire.

On Earth reigns not a forest fire but a planet fire. There is a whole spectrum of negative fire — from arguments, quarrels, conflicts, demonstration, opposition, shouting, shooting, killing and war. The important point is that the difference is one of amount, not kind — it’s all over the place and spreading.

Negative fire makes us meet our fellow man (country, philosophy, religion, political party) in a challenging position. Like a boxer we raise our hands in defense, and think of where to attack.

For fire this stance is natural. We are contestants, adversaries combatants of different teams. In one word: enemies. Of course we want to win. Of course the model is win-lose. Second best if first loser, the winner takes all, and how was it they said in the Highlander movies? There can be only one.

The qualities of water, stillness, slow dispassionate reflection, peacefulness, philosophical calm, are either uninteresting, boring or just disregarded. There’s not much money in peace and it’s not helping ratings.

Still, water is what quenches and balances negative fire. Instead of focusing on the enemy and the best way to defeat him, water de-focuses and looks at the whole landscape.

Instead of tunnel vision, panorama vision.

Water includes where fire excludes and fights, embraces where fire hits and kicks. Water is the telescope where fire is the eeny teeny microscope, concentrating on small irritating details while forgetting that we are sitting in the same boat, traveling in space on the same planet, belong to the same species.

Fire awareness should be taught in schools. That could make the world a better, more harmonious, place.

The Venusian Peace Project