Let’s fall out of love with the word “connection”

Connecting — oh, how we have learned to salivate and drool like well-behaved dogs when faced with this word. Nokia connecting people, Microsoft connecting this, Facebook connecting that.

What’s so great about being connected? There are lots of people, phenomena and energies, that I don’t want to be connected with.

I am fond of saying that we on Earth are one big family, but of course that super-family is built out of many small families that do not directly touch and interact.

However, it now seems that some Less Than Nice People really want to connect everything and everybody.

Think totality. And why not totalitarianism? Connect Internet of people, Internet of friends, Internet of things, Internet of ideas, Internet of connections = TOTAL control of the population!

When we see that connections also means “chains” the idea suddenly seems less attractive.

Racism connecting people
Slavery connecting people
Prisons connecting people

Words like “connecting” is like alcohol. Let’s sober up from our rosy dreams and see that not only the Moon has a dark side. Everything has.