I have for some time been involved in what could be called “radical clutter clearing”. I have too many possessions and I want fewer.

During this tiring and exhausting process I notice three sub-personalities within me.

1] The Matchmaker. If have books or CD-s I don’t want to keep. The Matchmaker wants to find the perfect person to give it to. This is obviously a time consuming process.

2] The Businessman wants to sell things no longer needed. The Businessman in me is a sad figure indeed. Books or sheet music or LPs that once cost a LOT of money seem now to be totally worthless, moneywise. Not as to intrinsic value, but then it becomes a question of finding the right person to give them to (see point 1).

3] The Anarchist, or Pyromaniac. This is my inner bomb-thrower. The Anarchist / Pyromaniac wouldn’t mind if all my possessions happened to meet a stray burning match. Good riddance, bye bye.

Burn thee well!

The Matchmaker is a nice idealist. In an ideal world things that one no longer needs and values would quickly and easily find a new host organism… I mean host. In our less ideal world this is a lot of bother.

The Businessman wants to make a dime, and sadly regrets that old things, however well they work, are no longer valued money-wise, or at all. But crying is not going to help the situation.

The Anarchist /Pyromaniac is perhaps the sanest of them all. He understand Shiva, that sometimes it is time to say “Goodbye” and end lives. Burning books has a bad name, but it can be the best and most healthy of acts as long as you burn your own books, not those of others.

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