Where does the boat leak? Where goes the money? Why is the piggy-bank almost empty, even though we have been putting coins in it for years?

This is a class of questions that we need to consider.

Many of us are indignant that the military is one of the big leaks in the boat, that money that could go to positive, life-affirming activities instead goes into building of missiles and war technology.

That is an obvious connection we make. Connections are good. My crypto-science Domainology is built on connections, on seeing the relationship between different domains, putting them side by side.

But we need to connect more domains, find other leaks. Some are obvious, almost banal. Others are not attended to, unnoticed. There are lots of loose threads around.

While the military, banking, etc. are favorite targets for well-meaning citizens there is another domain that has succeeded in retaining its almost virginal aspect, its (in spite of everything) good name and reputation.


If you so much as mutter one bad word about science a giant army of professional and amateur soldiers will attack you, surely figuratively, we hope not literally. “Anti-science” sounds like “pro-nazi” or something just as bad.

So congratulation to science for having succeeded so well with its image management!

However, there are possible domainological problematizations to make here.

If we for example look at the situation of partial poverty on the planet, that people in some countries and regions have almost nothing to eat while others have severe problems with overeating, this is the kind of cartoon comment we usually get.

Overeating, yes.

The stomach is always in focus, and even though we practice over-eating we are at least ashamed of it in theory.

However, this kind of connection is never made.

Or this.

Let’s face it, we have become, in a very indirect and strange way, worshipers of Knowledge. Not necessarily our own, or useful knowledge, but the knowledge of scientists. Holy, holy!

Knowing how things work is, in practice, more important than distributing resources — money, food, etc. — in some kind of fair way.

So Science and the Poverty-problem are the strange bedfellows that are not really bedfellows yet.

But I hope they soon will be, that we wake up to the screeching dissonance of throwing billions on scientific projects the use and need of which practically nobody really understands, while our fellow man [whom we of course do not regard as our fellow man, we only call him that] is starving.

Knowledge is exciting and fun, being humane is something much greater.