To be or not to be is not the question

Our question is rather To have or not to have? Having is a main concern of ours. Our awareness of what we have, and not, is acute.

A smaller group asks To do or not to do? Here we want to see results, manifestations, tangible proof of our efforts. A wonderful view on this is this poem by Ray Bradbury.

A very small group asks, with Hamlet, the question about being. What IS being? Do we even understand it? Possessing and having is tangible, doing likewise. But being is somehow on another plane.

We might be impressed by someone who HAS a lot, or who has DONE a lot. Those things go into the CV or Wikipedia. But someone who IS a lot, who has a lot of being, is not immediately impressive.

At the same time, these people impress us most deeply when and if we meet them — and are awake enough to recognize them. They don’t always stand on mountaintops.

To be or not to be…